Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Steven, tu as fini..." - a song by Alexandre

A song by Alexandre, which sums up my experience at Polytechnique

Here are the lyrics:

The words (proper grammar may not follow)
Steven, tu as fini. Je suis en train de chanter n’ importe quoi.
Steven, you have finished. And I’m singing senseless things
Je vais commencer parce que ce que tu me l’as demandé.
But I will start because you asked me to.
Alors je commence cette chanson disant
So I’ll start this song by saying…
Steven, bonjour. Il y a trois mois tu es arrivé, en disant n’importe de quoi
Steven, hello. You arrived 3 months ago
Tu as découvert en France les bourgeois
You discovered in France the middle class
Les gens très sympas et les gens qui chantent avec les guitares.
And very nice people, and people who sing with guitars
Et puis aussi, les gens merveilleux qui font des maths et sont sérieux.
And then, also, wonderful people who do math and are serious
Alors, tu as essayé … la mechanique quantique.
And then, you tried… quantum mechanics
C’est un truc bizarre… mais peut-être un truc d’art.
A weird thing… but maybe even some art !
(strumming start)
Steven… tu as découvert des choses curieuses,
Steven, you discovered some curious things
A l’Ecole polytechnique.
at Polytechnique
Les francais mangent fromage, et boivent du vin, et prennent 3 heures pendant les répas.
The French eat cheese, drink wine, and take 3 hours during a meal
Parce que les français sont très sympas, … et bien habillés… Même en été.
Because the French are nice, well dressed… even in the summer
(I get my guitar)
Alors en Chine et aux Etats Unis, tu n’as jamais vu, ces beaux amis
In China, and U.S., you never saw friends as pretty as this!


  1. Great song! I can't wait to hear you croon it for us when you return.

  2. Oops. I set the video as private before so no one could see it.

    It should now work. Enjoy!