Saturday, April 23, 2011


Barcelona: tourists abound!

*Normally I would have more pictures, but bandwidth limits at internet cafes prevent me from doing that

Everyone I talked to seems to rave about Barcelona. Now I see why. Tons of young adults come here for the nightlife.

Of course, Barcelona has lots of history too.

But it’s hard to not like the over the top tourist culture in some places here.

Meeting (French) young adults

I’m not a must-like person (and besides, night trains aren’t very good sleeping places), but I met lots of new people in my hostel.

I met:

2 HS students from UK doing a gap year and doing 3 months of rail-pass travel
3 French students in a noodle shop after I accidently spoke to the cashier in French (@ which point he pointed me to the other French customers in the shop)
A girl from DC traveling for the first time in Europe, like me!

I had a nice dinner with 5 students from Strasbourg.
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We talked about French culture, American culture, studying at Grand Ecoles, and of course, why they loved Barcelona.

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