Sunday, May 29, 2011

Guest blog from my brother: Daniel's trip in Europe

Hi I'm Daniel. I'm the guest writer of this post and Steven's brother.

First I'll tell my own story of Europe. Of course, I was with my parents the whole time. First stop, London.

In London I went to the Tower of London and saw these weird guys who carried the keys (Beefeaters), went to many towers, and saw the Crown Jewels of London. The next day we traveled everywhere. First we went to the British Museum. There were many cool things there; then we went to Buckingham Palace and saw these weird soldiers with big hats. We walked another mile and we were at Big Ben, a giant clock. Last but not least we went to Wimbledon lawn tennis club and went to its museum. That night we went to the Ceremony of the keys to watch them lock the Tower of London's gates.

 A big dragon!   

Centre court in Wimbledon
The next day we went on the Eurostar train and met my brother in Brussels.
Good to see my brother again!

In Brugges, Belgium we went to the Basilica of the Holy Blood. Then we climbed a giant tower with a great view. We also did a lot more things. Altogether I went to Brussels, Gent, and Brugges. The best part was taking a boat tour that told us all the best parts in Brugges. I even found out that there is a Obama chocolate statue in a chocolate factory. After 2 days, we boarded a train to Paris, the best part of my trip.

Looking down a window in the tower

Crazy-copying-American-flag windmills

In Paris I went to so much places I'll name my 3 favorite places. One of my favorite places was Arc de Triomphe, Napoleon's battle arch. On the top it had a great view and on the first floor there was a mini museum. My next favorite place is the Louvre. There I got to see Mona Lisa and other paintings. And let me tell you one thing: every art museum has to have nude people. My final favorite place was the Eiffel Tower. Who could not like it, it has a amazing view, awesome elevator, plus its like France's biggest landmark. Paris was the best place I went to.

 I just jumped off the Eiffel Tower
Us with the Golhens(or at least half of them)
At my brother's school

….Oh yeah, I forgot my favorite place Roland Garros (French Open). It was extraordinary plus I love tennis I got to see awesome qualifying matches that were very intense.

Me with Ryan Harrison, world no. 119. He's only 9 years older than me!   

[From Steven] I randomly saw Jean-Eude, a Polytechnique student I knew, on the opposite side of the court. He was there with his company.

Europe is......awesome! Next time I'll make sure I'll have a much longer trip.

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